One-to-one Training with aV
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One-to-one English Language Training with aV

One-to-one English Language Training with aVMany busy people need English for their business or personal needs – and that’s the problem. They are too busy. Too busy to travel to the UK or US for a total Immersion programme, focusing on their individual needs.  Too busy to commit to a weekly face to face lesson with an English tutor because they have to be in a certain place at a certain time …and work is not like that!

With aV you can have a flexible online English course incorporating individual training, focusing on your individual or specialist needs
when it suits you.

Whether you need business English for Finance or Marketing or Law or Medicine or Technology….or any other specialist area, you have access to an experienced English trainer at your convenience.

If you need preparation before an important presentation or international meeting, you can book online sessions with aV to prepare you and to practise so that you are confident in your English when you need to use it in your business.

In an individual programme, the trainer can focus on your individual needs. Maximum progress in minimum time – and with maximum flexibility.


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